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GA Voter & Advocacy Resources

Thank you for voting, Georgia! 

We had record breaking turnout in the Nov 2020 and Jan 2021 elections. Now it's time to stay civically active!

✔ Register to vote online or verify/update your registration status

You can always do this to prepare for the next election in Georgia!

*Click bill numbers below* to learn more about voter suppression bills in the Georgia State Legislature:


  • HB 531, SB 241, & SB 202 House & Senate omnibus bills (aka bills with multiple massive changes) negatively impacting absentee voting, early voting, ballot dropboxes, and several other aspects of voting in Georgia which would disproportionately impact our communities of color, rural communities, families who are kept from wealth, our unhoused sisters and brothers, young people, seniors, and people with differing abilities (please check our Instagram for further details on these bills)

  • SB 29: Absentee ballot application & ballot return ID requirement

  • SB 67: Absentee ballot application ID requirement

  • SB 68: Ban ballot drop boxes

  • SB 69: End automatic voter registration

  • SB 70: Prohibits new Georgia residents from voting in runoffs

  • SB 71: Requires an excuse to vote absentee

  • SB 73: Bans nonprofit organizations from mailing absentee ballot applications to voters

*Click bill numbers below* to learn more about voter empowerment bills in the Georgia State Legislature:

  • SB26: Provide absentee ballot drop boxes at every early voting location

  • SB79 & HB101: Currently Georgians convicted of "felony involving moral turpitude" cannot vote (a vague & prejudicial restriction); these bills try to specifically define (SB79) or *entirely* remove (HB101) this restriction

  • SB99: Early voting locations remain open for Election Day

  • HB77: Voters can vote at any precinct in the county on Election Day

  • HB113: Same day registration and voting (during early voting & Election Day)

  • HB121: Eliminates "use it or lose it" voter purging

Click here to learn how bills become law in Georgia


Confirm & contact your State Legislators about these bills through Earn My Vote!

(*Archived*) Nov. 2020-Jan 2021 General & U.S. Senate Runoff Elections - Civic Engagement Initiatives

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