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Community Love & Action

We believe that inspiring & embracing a love of our communities is at the heart of civic engagement. CivicGeorgia fosters grassroots community-building work as a part driving impact.

Learn about some of our efforts below and contact us about what you're leading in your community!

Clarkston High School

Welcome Club

International students at CHS created a welcoming environment for newcomers joining their school

Justice against

Housing Inequity

Covington and Atlanta residents establish rights and benefits in dealings with landlords, developers, and govt. entities

Friday Fundays in

South DeKalb

Parents and community elders developed a program to keep kids active and safe over the summer

Civic Connections

Immigrant and refugee families discuss challenges and ideas with the board of education, city council, police department, and other civic and govt. organizations

Voters' Voice in Randolph County

Residents lifted their voices through collaboration with voting rights organizations to keep polls open

Community Events

Communities organize town halls, gatherings, and voter registration events to discuss subjects including education, housing, immigration, and voting rights

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