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Learn about our services below through which we partner with non-profits, formal organizations (civic, faith-based, and government/municipal), schools, and businesses to better understand and lift up the communities you care about.
If you're curious about how this relates to your team's purpose, please contact us. ​Civic and community empowerment is everyone's opportunity and responsibility!



We can help you spark community dialogue, organize direct community action, and connect with hard to reach audiences. We'll help engage your constituency, identify champions, build new bonds through outreach, tailor messaging and communications, and recruit and manage internal and external volunteers.



Civic education with a social justice lens. From guest speakers to workshops to curriculum-based education for youth and adults, our interactive learning programs guide your team or community audience in developing and implementing ideas for civic engagement, participating in thoughtful dialogue, and interacting with government.

Civic Engagement Strategy

We're practiced in organizational strategy design, program launch, and revitalization. Our services include planning and development of goals, timelines, strategy, and tactics to build roots for longer term initiatives. We can pilot and implement programs including corporate citizenship/social responsibility and community learning.

2020 Activation

Voter registration and Get out the Vote programs, advocacy campaigns for local/state initiatives, and 2020 Census education and completion programs. We can help design and launch these programs in partnership with both niche and regionally-critical organizations.


From small discussion groups to community town halls to local/state/federal candidate forums hosted for audiences of hundreds, we help you design content and bring community-building events to life. All while ensuring the community's voice is weaved into your program with the right speakers and guests for your audience. 

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