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Civic Engagement Guidance for Georgians during COVID-19

Please see our full resource list for communities facing COVID-19 challenges.
Key Election Updates
  • The March 24 and May 19 elections are now scheduled for June 9.
  • If you are a new voter, please register to vote by May 11 at the Secretary of State's voter website.
  • If you have already registered to vote, please make sure your voter registration status is active and mailing address is up to date by May 11 at the Secretary of State's voter website.
  • The absentee ballot application you have received or will soon receive is *still valid*. If you have not received an application, please contact your County Board of Elections.
  • Once you receive that application, complete & mail it in or email a photo of it to your County Board of Elections (find contact info here).
  • You will then receive your actual ballot, please make sure to mail it in (do not email it!) with two stamps. 
  • Please contact CivicGeorgia if you have ideas, questions, or concerns about the elections and voting.
Key Census Updates
  • National Census updates outlined below: 
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