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A Community Empowerment Practice

Every day, Georgians including students, seniors, teachers, and neighbors collaborate to give voice to and solve community challenges by leaning into what makes them unique. CivicGeorgia strives to amplify the voice, frequency, and impact of these community-led efforts for progress. We act to achieve equity and justice through and in civic & community engagement. 

Our Work

Civic engagement programs: Voter registration, engagement, and mobilization to empower Georgians to be informed, active participants in our democracy. 

Advocacy & grassroots organizing: Joining communities in action at the frontline: directly partnering in dialoguing, marching, grassroots organizing and movement-building, issue-specific civics training, and designing and implementing plans to effect change.

This is agenda-free and cost-free. 

Consulting services: Working with partner organizations on community empowerment programming.


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